Adam Tomat

As a full-stack developer, I get to play with a wide range of tech. This is a collection of my thoughts and experiences.

Comments are code smells

Developers are typically encouraged to make sure their code is well commented. Over the years I've seen (and written) some terrible comments that add zero value to the codebase. This happens when the developer doesn't fully understand why we write comments. The aim of this post is to change your mentality towards inline comments - and to encourage you to try not to write them. There is an alternative.

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Laravel Tip: Write more controllers

When working in a team, you should not be able to tell who’s written a piece of code. Every developer codes to the same guidelines and coding style. While this goal is often hard to reach in reality, we can…

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Experimenting with Pusher

Sadly, I wasn’t able to make the conference, but I saw the team at Pusher tweet about a button they hooked up to the internet: #fullstackcon! We've set up our internet connected button –…

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Under the hood of my 'Expose Yourself' demo

Megan and I were asked to speak at WebDevCon16 at Solent University. The conference was aimed at bridging the gap between the University and the local digital scene. As part of our talk, we touched on how…

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Front-end Code Review - Our Expectations

This is a quick post that sets out expectations when we are reviewing code. By defining our base level for front-end code, we can make sure everyone on the team is working towards the same goal.

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Supercharging WordPress with Lumberjack

Lumberjack is a WordPress starter theme built by Rareloop. It aims to make WordPress better to work with and move it more inline with modern PHP practices. This post is a walk through of why and how we built Lumberjack.

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Extending Primer's CLI Tool

Make Primer more powerful by building your own CLI toolkit. Save time by automating your workflow.

CLI Primer